D.R. Seafoods was formed in 1990 in Hull, England and in 2002 moved offices to the prestigious award -winning ‘Fishgate’ development on Hull’s William Wright dock. The new centre is also home to D.R. Seafoods parent company, Isberg ltd.

D.R. Seafoods is now established as one of the main suppliers of Icelandic frozen-at-sea fillets to the British Isles. We work very closely with our suppliers in Iceland, and we are proud to be associated with two of the best sea frozen brands on the market.

These brands are ‘Eagle’ and ‘Rammi’ and are both renowned for consistently producing top quality products.

The vast majority of our fillets are consumed via the fish & chip trade, where quality is paramount.

We mainly sell the following (all in ‘shatter pack’ form)

Cod in sizes 5-8oz, 8-16oz, 16-32oz & 32oz+
Skinless, pbi
Skin-on, pbi
Skinless boneless

Haddock in sizes 3-5oz, 5-8oz, 8-16oz & 16-32oz
Skinless, pbi
Skin-on, pbi
Skinless boneless

As well as Coley fillets and headless (Japanese-cut) Redfish (Ocean Perch)

All of our fish is caught in either Icelandic waters or in the Barents Sea. These fisheries do not have a problem with sustainability! They are well managed and are not been over-fished! Despite what you might hear or read in the media, it is only the North Sea that has a stock problem . None of our products are caught in the North Sea.

To compliment our range of sea frozen, we also stock a wide range of excellent iqf fillets, such as

Lemon sole
(ocean perch)

These products are all of Icelandic origin and are mainly skin-on, pbi.
We hope we can be of service!

Please drop me an e-mail, pick up the phone or send me a fax if you need any more information.

Lee Brennan
D.R. Seafoods Ltd.

Tel: 01482 601960
Fax: 01482 601961
Email: lee.brennan@drseafoods.co.uk